Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

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Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

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Craning your neck to witness the spectacular Burj Khalifa is a must-do while in Dubai. It is one of a kind landmark which boasts to be the tallest man-made structure on Earth ripping through the clouds and giving you the best imaginable bird’s eye view of the entire city from its apex. Other skyscrapers will look like mere toy buildings placed amidst stunning vistas of the desert land.

You simply cannot miss such a magnificent structure standing its full glory. The Burj Khalifa was built to be an iconic building for the UAE and has successfully proved to be one. With millions of visitors scaling up its height, Burj Khalifa is an experience of a lifetime.

Whether during the day or in the evening, the stunning views from the top will leave you breathless. The hundreds of glimmering lights lit against the rosy hues of the setting sun is a priceless experience. With a total of 163 storeys, Burj Khalifa was finally opened in 2010 for public access. It reverberates class, finesse and the epitome of architectural marvel.

Inspired by the Spider lily, Burj Khalifa embodies the poetic and well-balanced structure of the unique desert flower.  The tower has a unique blend of residential space, office space, lounges, health and wellness facilities, hotel accommodation as well as public access to the observation deck floors and four swimming pools. The hotel is designed by Armani and has no check-in desk to impart a feeling of entering Armani’s home itself.

The lobby creates an enchanting ambience as the centre masterpiece steals the show. The piece has 196 cymbals and soft flow of water which creates beautiful symphony and fills your mind with the beautiful sound as you enter. It is called the World Voices. It also houses the world’s tallest art gallery displaying over 80 masterpieces in mixed medium, abstract and modern art collected from artists across the globe.

Ascend to the highest observation floor and witness something majestic from a 360-degree tour around the tower in the worlds’ third fastest elevator. Get the bird’s eye view of the cityscape, the desert and the blue waters Persian Gulf all at the same time. The observation deck offers a stunning and unique aerial view of the Dubai Fountain. To make the experience a more immersive one, the symphony plays at the observation deck as the fountain dances to the tune.

Important Information:

  • An ID or passport along with a printed ticket is required for entry
  • The total duration of the trip is about an hour. However there may be delays or spillover due to bad weather.
  • Guests can rent an audio player to listen the facts about the tower pay separately at the venue. 
  • 30 minutes access to the observation deck to witness the beauty of the place
  • Both sharing and private transfers are available during booking
  • Burj Khalifa attractions to run on specific slots and time. Thus while booking the time should be selected and adherence to the time slot should be strictly maintained. Any lapse of time will not give an opportunity for alternative entry. 

Booking Policy:

  • Refunds are subject to company policies and if any will be redirected to the account within seven working days.
  • Cancellation 48 hours before the scheduled date and time will have no cancellation charges.
  • 100% cancellation charges are levied when cancelled within 48 hours.
  • Children below 4 years go free.
  • Children between 4-12 years have to get a ticket with slashed rates and as per child ticket rates.
  • Beyond 12 years all individuals need ticket at adult rates.
Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour


  • Ascend the highest building in the world and witness its grandiosity. 
  • Access to the 124th floor and different ticket options give access to different levels with different durations. 
  • Take the high-speed elevator to the observation deck and you zoom across 124 floors in a matter of just ONE minute. It goes one meter per second without even a jerk for its superior make and amazing engineering.
  • Once on the deck enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the desert city. The windows are designed from floor to ceiling in glass to offer the best possible crystal clear view.
  • The modern day telescopes offer a closer view of Dubai’s other landmarks
  • The outdoor terrace is yet another treat provided the weather favors. It offers unhindered view of the city below.
  • Get ample opportunity to get few quick clicks against the stunning Instagramable backdrop.

Not Included:

  • Transportation not included we can provide it on additional charges.

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