Half Day Dubai City Tour

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Half Day Dubai City Tour

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Half-Day Dubai City Tour is beyond the ordinary and is definitely going to be the tour of a lifetime. With the cheerful company of an expert guide, the journey will become something more than just a visual treat. Every visitor will gain the opportunity to have a brief understanding of the history and socio-political scenario of Dubai. The magnificent Burj Al Arab considered to be the pride of Dubai is a must-visit. You will be immersed in the vintage world of unique carpets and rugs imported from South Africa and India magnifying the glory of this place. It is palatial and unlike visitors are likely to experience in Dubai. Even in terms of architecture, Burj Al Arab is most iconic, shaped in the form of a sail. You can do a booking at Sahn Edgar treating yourself to exquisite teas while enjoying an amazing view of the city.  

The next destination is the soulful Jumeirah Mosque, an important landmark in Dubai.  The guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the architectural features of the mosque, its shape, minarets, and dome. Made up of white stone in the tradition of medieval Fatimid, it can host up to 1,200 worshippers. If you stroll around the place during dusk, you can absorb the beauty in its entirety. It is at this mosque that you can know more about Islamic traditions and beliefs especially about the month of Ramadan while enjoying Arab snacks. 

Bastakiya has the flavour of quintessential culture of the city and might take up around 1-2 hours to explore. Its history of construction is equally interesting as peaceful is this place to breathe in grand tranquillity. The true majesty exotic Dubai resides in these abovementioned locations. If you are a passionate admirer of the blue, Dubai Creek is here for your aesthetics. You can see at the distance exalted towers and skyscrapers jutting out, unique in their structural design and beauty. It is a safe haven for photographers, a balm after a tiring day of touring on feet. The activities are both affordable and entertaining.

Departure and Return

Morning, 7:00 am and 8:00 am and in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Hotel pickup services are allotted prior this time and you must check with your service provider the precise hour. During the return, you will also be delivered to the original pickup point. 

Things to see

• Burj Al Arab hotel and 
• Jumeirah Mosque with its mind-blowing architecture and aesthetics. 
• Dubai Creek and Dubai skyline to take in the mega-structures that so splendidly line the city.
• Spice Souk to explore hand-woven fabrics, spices, ornaments, and other handicrafts.  
• A cultural tour of Bastakiya, one of the ancient neighbourhoods of Dubai. 

Additional Information 

• While planning for a trip to Dubai Creek check thoroughly the timings as per routes. You can also avail customized cruise. No booking required. 
• While visiting the Jumeirah Mosque, it is imperative for the woman to fully cover their heads and shoulders as a gesture of veneration. 
• To enter Burj Al Arab you need to make a reservation, however, taking pictures is not allowed in the inside premises.  
• As a proof of identification, a valid copy of a passport is required on the day of sightseeing itself. 
• No wheelchair facilities are available while visiting each of these attractions. 
• Dubai Museum shall be inaccessible on Ramadan. 

Cancellation Policy

You are allowed to cancel at least before 24 hours. 




Half Day Dubai City Tour


  • Local tour guide. 
  • Hotel pickup services on punctual time for a complete expedition to Dubai’s best attractions.
  • Food and drinks to keep visitors hydrated. 
  • Transportation facilities, equipped with AC and other amenities for a comfortable ride. 

Not Included:

  • Burj Khalifa entry ticket.
  • Any extra services or expenses not mentioned above.
  • Tipping kitty.

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